Tom Robbins

Greetings y’all


Today I was asked about one of my favourite writers. I’ve posted about my favourite novels and one of my favourite writers were on there. His name is Tom Robbins. If you’re familiar with the movie 50 First Dates you might remember Lucy was reading a book called Still Life with Woodpecker. This was his third novel, in total,  I believe he’s written 8 novels in total.

I love reading, but I find that most writers bore me or their content is not exactly original or creative or interesting. But Tom Robbins has a way of using languages to convey a wonderful imagination. His use of language is fantastic and if you want to go on a literary adventure, I highly recommend his books.


~My personal favourite is Jitterbug Perfume


Enjoy it lovelies

feel free to recommend some of your favourite books & writers


xx ML


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