….is definitely not for me

Hello readers.

so, like I promised, today I tried my new Clean and Easy electrolysis machine. It was very easy to use but I’ve decided it’s not the best hair removal technique for me.

so, it’s very easy to use and only requires a 9V battery and these are sold at pharmacies grocery stores. You also need saltwater, rubbing alcohol and a lot of patience.

I have all of these, the problem was its painful and the areas I was trying to treat were hard to reach. Laser hair removal is a little easier to use because you only need to shave the area at least 24 hours before treatment and you’re treating an entire area in general as opposed to one follicle at a time. If you’re curious about buying a laser hair removal machine, I buy all of mine at silk’n Also, Blog post at Hair removal

Electrolysis is great for stubborn sparse hairs you may have, but you need to have the patience and time to treat each one individually.

I bought mine on JET

I recommend this product if you’re treating coarse and stubborn hair.

keep in mind, you need time and patience and a tolerance for pain.

electrolysis works by inserting a thin needle on the hair follicle and using a very gentle current to weaken the follicle. It hurts a little bit, but it’s more uncomfortable than anything. If you’d like to treat an area on your back, neck, face, you might need to ask a friend to help you with this.

always here to help




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