New Yorkers

For those of you that live in New York City, i don’t know if you’ve come across a wonderful store called Harmon Face Values located on 675 6th Avenue. If you’re anything like me, You would love this store. this store is exactly what I imagine heaven to be like. they sell all the things I love in one store. Face Values is part of the Bed Bath & Beyond Family of stores.

stuff they sell

  1. beauty- anything from make up, to brushes, tools, and supplements.
  2. skincare- lotions, soaps, toners, tools,
  3. haircare- styling products and supplements for all hair types.
  4. personal care- razors, waxes, epilators, feminine products.
  5. travel- all your favorite brands and products in trial sizes
  6. health- vitamins, and first aid
  7. baby & kids- small toys and all your baby care needs
  8. cleaning – cleaning solutions for all types of surfaces.
  9. clothing solutions – two sided tape, sewing kits, detergents, dry cleaning.
  10. gifts – perfect ideas for gift baskets
  11. household- similar to a “as seen on TV” aisle
  12. natural and organic – all the products mentioned above are available made with natural and organic ingredients.

I just learned of a new store opening in Brooklyn 850 3rd Ave, Brooklyn

& they’re hiring; FOR THOSE OF YOU INTERESTED.

this store sells discount goods. its a short walk from my job and I’m usually there everyday just to buy gum, cocoa butter, or foundation. They also have the option to do your shopping online. My favourite thing about this place, is that there are more options than you would find in your local pharmacy, If you can’t find it at Harmon, you probably can’t find it anywhere else.

here to help, ML


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