TANKS! sensory deprivation tanks!

Hello !!

It’s my Birthday! (YAY Capricorn Sun & Libra Moons)

Birthchart info here.

For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to visit a sensory deprivation tank

For those of you who don’t know, a sensory deprivation tank is a tank filled with salt water, it’s lightless, soundproof, and kept at body temperature.

Now, you might be asking WHY would anyone want to be kept in this tank where, essentially, you’re senses are OFF for a little while.

All throughout our lives we depend on our senses to know what’s going on around us, Now imagine what that would be like, for our mind.. to see nothing, smell nothing, hear nothing, taste nothing, essentially… feel nothing.. It’s just you and your thoughts..

That to me, sounds amazing and the perfect way to spend your 24th birthday.

I love meditation, I think its important to meditate as often as we can.

If you’re ever ready for this kind of experience, I highly recommend Sensory Deprivation Tanks to face the unknown and know your mind.

I’m incredibly excited about this

& I love sharing my excitement about these things with you

 24, M.L


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