Tampons, pads, and Cancer… OH MY!

Good Evening Ladies and Curious Gentlemen,

As someone who’s been using tampons for a couple of years, I’ve been satisfied with the difference between tampons and sanitary napkins. I’ve also tried different types of brands of tampons and I felt so happy when I finally found a brand and product I was comfortable with… but recently I’ve learned that the tampon brand and product I was so confident and happy with is dangerous for the following reasons.

85% of tampon brands tested contained Glyphosate, which is a known carcinogen. As well as other ingredients that cause hormone disruption, and allergic reactions. I did some more research and i was very disappointed to find that these chemicals are not limited to tampons, but sanitary napkins, wipes, douches, and feminine sprays as well.

keep in mind, these products come in contact with our most intimate body parts and the most absorbent tissues in our bodies.

As someone who goes through this every month, and will go through this for a few more years of my life, this is terrifying and I was incredibly upset.

I know that there’s shady ingredients in the foods we eat and products we use everyday, but knowing it was on products I depend on every month felt kind of like a slap to the face. How is it possible that these chemicals are sold in our products and we are kept in the dark about it.

I know that this argument isn’t the best one, since there’s people whom have never smoked a day in their life but they are still vulnerable to lung cancer. I know that no one is completely safe from cancer and other diseases, but if I could decrease my chances, I’m up for it.

that’s when I came across LOLA Tampons and products, and these are great because they’re 100% organic cotton (which is biodegradable)  and they’re delivered directly to your door (which is awesome) and they’re 100% honest about the ingredients in their products (which is the right thing to do)

This is great for those of you who hate going to your local drugstore to buy your monthly supply. My favorite part about their website is you can customize your box to the tampons you know you will need.

maybe you want 6 super absorbent, 6 light, and 6 regular … or maybe you want the entire box to be regular abosorbent… this feature was amazing and restored my faith in feminine product companies.

as someone who’s mildly obsessed with staying healthy, I thought I’d share this with the ladies who deserve to know what we are putting in our bodies, feel free to check out their website below


and I wish you very happy periods (like thats even possible, am I right ladies?)

always, ML



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