Newton’s 3rd Law

But… in a Karma way… Not a Physics way…

(but in a way, it’s still a universal law)

Hello all

I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday season, are well rested and ready to get back into the flow of regular work weeks, and a whole new year!

At the end of the year, I love to spend my spare time reading, and last week I picked up a book called Astrology, The Supernatural and The Beyond by Sri Chinmoy, which really had a positive impact on me and led me to start reading a book called Karma and Reincarnation by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Patricia R. Spadaro


Karma:(in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

Reincarnation: the rebirth of a soul in a new body.

Now, this is a topic I’ve been interested in for a while, I never really believed in reincarnation, I kind of just believed that this is it, and that’s all we get, but through some other readings and conversations with yogis and friends, I’ve started to believe in the possibility of reincarnation.

But whats interesting about karma, is I always thought we reaped what we sow in this lifetime, but apparently it doesn’t exactly work that way. The universe works in ways to present you to the parents, family, friends and situations you owe a karmic debt to from your life before..

now this, blew my mind. but I’ve read the same thing in many books written by hypnotherapists, yogis, children who remember their previous lives, and psychic mediums.

The thought that my Parents, Friends, and Family are people I have known from lifetimes before is a wild and beautiful concept. It’s hard to believe, but I think I’m going to keep my mind open to that possibility.

“If you want to know your past – look into your present conditions. If you want to know your future – look into your present actions.”

And that made me wonder.. I think I have a great life so far, and my future has great potential.. maybe I was a decent and nice person in a previous life. If I play my cards right, I can be a sloth in the next life! ( I love Sloths!)

Another new lesson I’ve learned is there is no such thing as coincidences everything and everyone in your life serves a purpose.

  • Once we realize the power of our Higher Self, Anything and Everything is possible. Everything we go through in this lifetime we were meant to endure. Everyone has negative experiences, but we must always see the glass as half full for our own mental and spiritual health.

Trust the timing of your life

  • We each have 2-3 guardian angels or spirit guides that guide us through life and send us signs, we have to be in tune with our bodies and our own vibrations to read them. Trust that gut feeling of yours, Trust when you get bad feelings about people and events…

That’s something I really needed to read, at a time when the New Year was ready to start and at a time when something very curious started happening in my life. I felt at peace with the lessons I learned in Astrology, The supernatural and The beyond but the book Karma and Reincarnation left me with more questions than answers. I can’t begin to ask them all. But I found a list of questions that can help you whenever you’re stuck in a confusing and challenging situation.

I know for a fact that I will be asking myself these questions whenever i feel stuck between a rock and a hard place, and if you’re interested in learning the lessons you were meant to learn in this lifetime, I figured this list would be helpful & it doesn’t hurt to share.

For Reflection on the messengers and the message 

  1. Who or What are the messengers of my Karma right now?
  2. What am I supposed to learn from being in this situation
  3. What is the pain or discomfort trying to teach me?
  4. What am I supposed to give?
  5. Is there someone I must forgive, including myself?

For reflection on my reactions

  1. Are my reactions appropriate to the circumstance, or do I overreact?
  2. What caused me to react the way that I did
  3. When have I been in a similar circumstance or felt the way I’m feeling right now?
  4. Was this reaction part of a pattern I have?
  5. How can I give a more compassionate response to myself and to others?

For reflection on my responsibility

  1. What habit of mine caused this incident to take place?
  2. How am I responsible?
  3. Is there something I am avoiding facing about myself?
  4. Where have I allowed my energy and my attention to be tied up in negative habit or patterns?

For the reflection on next steps 

  1. What must I do to turn this challenge into an opportunity?
  2. What techniques from my spiritual toolbox can I apply to this situation?
  3. What positive behaviors and attitudes do I need to develop so that when this karmic challenge knocks again on mu door I can resolve the karma with integrity?
  4. Is there anyone who can help coach me through this?
  5. What is the next assignment of my Karma?
  6. What should I be focusing on right now?

For reflection on the highest good

  1. How can I take full advantage of my good Karma, in the form of my good qualities, and talents, to resolve my challenges?
  2. What is the highest resolution that can come out of this situation

 I know that asking you to believe in all of this, if you already don’t might be too much to ask for, but for anyone who does believe, and was asking for a sign or a advice on dealing with a difficulty no matter how big or small, this might be a simple way to start. I got all of this advice and questions in the books listed above.

and Why not? our first poll?

anyway feel free to comment and ask questions.


always M.L.



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