New Years & Resolutions

Seasons Greetings ūüôā

I don’t know about you, but my favorite holiday is New Years!!

& the reason for that is, I can be as obnoxiously superstitious as I want and no one can really say anything about it. I’ve been practicing New Years superstitions for as long as I can remember, and I understand that they’re cultural and vary around the world. This sparked my curiosity and I started ¬†researching New Years Eve superstitions around the world, and I was very surprised at how different and conflicting they can be, for example, I was always taught to SUPER clean the house and get rid of all garbage and make sure the house is impeccably clean before midnight, meanwhile, many other superstitions advise NOT to clean, or wash dishes until January 3rd. I guess, I’m a little bias, but I personally think it makes more sense to make sure the house is completely clean and garbage free to welcome a brand new year. So, I thought it would be interesting if I shared some of my New Years Eve¬†superstitions with you.

Living-Space Cleanse

With a week to New Years, You want to start the cleanse in your living space, you can do that by filling small glasses (maybe shot glasses) with Sea Salt and leaving one of these shot glasses in every corner of your home. Sea Salt has a lot of cleansing properties, you can leave these out for the week, and make sure you completely discard all of this salt before midnight January 1st.

You should also light a white candle and leave it by your main entrance door. This isn’t only a good habit before the New Year, but it’s recommended to try this at least once a month. Lighting a candle will help you cleanse what you cannot see. My mom tends to start lighting one before she starts to sweep, mop, and dust.

Next it’s best to cleanse the air by burning Sage, This is a great way to cleanse out negative energies and leave space only for positive energies.

Self Cleanse

Before the New Year, it’s important to cleanse yourself mentally and spiritually. You don’t want to start the new year feeling anger or any negative feelings towards anyone who has hurt you, ¬†You can do this by writing a letter to someone, write about your best attempts to forgive them. When you’re done with your letter it is best to burn them.

(please burn responsibly)


The bath on New Years Eve is the most important bath of the year

You can do this with sea salt as well and a natural soap. You can use¬†BLACKSOAP¬†or Olive Oil soap, or any other natural soap you can get your hands on. It’s important to use this bath to reflect on your year and fill your mind with positive thoughts. Allow the water to fall on your back, as this is where you carry all the negativity and stress. As soon as you’re done with your bath, it’s important to clean the tub before the next person gets in. You can use bleach¬†or¬†White Vinegar.

Once you’re out of the bath and in your new clothes or favorite outfit to bring in the New Year, You can start writing about all the great and wonderful things that happened this year. I like to start by writing about this in chronological order, I start with January and write all the wonderful things that happened to me that month and continue on all the way until I get to December, when I’m done I write about my wishes for the New Year. I always keep this letter, I never burn it. I love to hold on to it and re-read it whenever I’m having a bad day or a bad month. It’s a great way to bring you out of the blues.


Now, I love to bring in the New Year with new clothes and a wonderful outfit, plus. It’s so much fun to get super dressed up.

I also like to wear Red or Yellow underwear (New Underwear)

I keep lentils in my pocket (So that you never go hungry)

A Basil leaf in my wallet (For Prosperity)

8 dollars in my Right shoe (8 is a lucky number for wealth)

(I will probably write about numerology soon, YAY!)

Eat 12 grapes at exactly midnight (make a wish for each grape)

Bring in the New Year with all house lights on and LOTS of noise

& loved ones

The Suitcase

I don’t know if you’ve heard of this one, but usually, after midnight and the 12 grapes my family and I all go out with a suitcase and our passports, We walk around the neighborhood or go around the block for a few minutes. They say, the farther you walk with your suitcase, the farther you will go. This is to ensure that you will travel in the New Year. I’ve been doing this for years, and so far, I have been able to travel internationally, or to other states that year.

(Plus, its always fun to do this with the family, its also AWESOME to find another family walking around with empty suitcases in hopes of the same event)

Party it up

Once you’re back indoors its time to celebrate like there’s no tomorrow.

& the party usually goes on till 6am January 1st.

I’ve been lucky enough to have wonderful years so far, and I’m not saying its 100% because of all of these superstitions, but it doesn’t hurt to believe the way you start your new year is the way the rest of the year will go.

I know this all sounds ridiculous, but It’s the norm in my culture‚Ķ and It’s always fun to believe in these kinds of things. I would love to hear about your New Years superstitions and rituals, feel free to share them!

Happy Holidays

always, ML


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