New Chia Resolutions

Hi Guysssss!

Since the New Year is right around the corner, many of us are making resolutions to eat healthier and be healthier. One of my resolutions is to incorporate more yoga, healthier food, and fun times into my life.

I’m going to start with Chia Seeds.

Since I’ve recently given up meat, I learned that Chia seeds are a great protein to substitute meat or eggs for, they’re also gluten free. For anyone who’s making the transition to veganism or vegetarian, Chia seeds are great to make this transition easier.

 Reason number 1 for switching to chia seeds is PROTEIN.

                      This is a great substitute for people who eat very little or no animal products. Chia seeds contain about 10% more protein than most vegetables.


    I’m up for anything that provides a high amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants keep us looking young! They fight production of free radicals which can harm cells that contribute to aging and cancer.

Lucky 3 FIBER!

  Who isn’t trying to get more fiber into their diet?                                            Chia seeds are loaded with fiber. This can help keep you regular, decrease inflammation, and lower cholesterol, which leads to..


This can mainly help you lower cholesterol levels, and keep your brain healthy.

5 for HEALTH

  The addition of 2 tablespoons of Chia seeds to your diet can help you tremendously, since it’s a rich source of minerals and nutrients it can keep you full for a longer period of time. The benefits include a healthy weight (keeping in mind the right calorie intake as well as physical activity) and a body full of energy.

There’s plenty more reasons why you should incorporate chia seeds into your diet, but my favorite reason is …


For someone who has tried eating healthy for a long time and is let down by the fact that most healthy foods don’t taste good, Chia seeds don’t really taste like anything, you can add them to your daily *8 glasses of water!

your yogurt, juice, cereal, rice, dessert, vegetables… you can even eat them alone, by themselves! yay!

So, thats one of my New Year Resolutions, I’ll be keeping you guys posted.

feel free to comment your thoughts


always, ML


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