Nobody likes blackheads, blackheads don’t even like blackheads. We’ve all heard that picking at your skin is the worst thing you could possibly do for your skin. I know you’ve probably tried it all, just like me, and perhaps those methods didn’t exactly work for you, but I’m here to get you out of this pickle.

Pore strips are expensive and they don’t work all the time, but luckily, i’ve worked out a little mixture of my own that will help you get those suckers out. I am so confident that this will work for you, if it doesn’t, I will personally refund your money.


-Apple Cider Vinegar

-Knox Unflavored Gelatin (must be unflavored)

-Porcelain or glass mug or bowl


Once you’ve gathered all of your ingredients

1) add 1 tbsp of Apple cider vinegar into the bowl

2) add Half a packet of unflavored gelatin (I use Knox Brand) into the bowl (if you decide to use the entire packet, add 1 more tbsp of apple cider vinegar)

3) mix in the bowl (you can use your finger, this mixture is water soluble and won’t stick or mess-up your kitchen .. or wherever you’re preparing this)


if you decide to do this, please make sure it is not too hot, because I don’t want you to burn your skin, and you don’t want to burn your skin. please wait for a comfortable warm.

4) apply this gooooey mixture to the skin, (the thicker the layers the better for you ) you wish to purge and wait for it to become dry enough to peel off,

while you wait, you might want to file your nails or finish writing that paper you’ve been postponing.

Okay ladies and gentleman, get ready to unclog those pores…

5) after 20 minutes or so, you should be able to peel it off, along with all your blackheads, and you’re going to look radiant and wonderful, and so excited about your pores being purged you might even jump a little. (yay)

SO, if you have some extra of this goo left over, you can save it and warm it up later, and use it another day.

this formula is gentle enough to use everyday.



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