Apple Cider and White


I don’t know about you, and how you feel about vinegar… but let me tell you… Once you’re conscious about the harmful chemicals you introduce into your body and home.. you start to look for solutions that won’t hurt your pockets and won’t feel like a Decathlon at the effort Olympics.. The solution to almost all of these problems is vinegar.

I realized I didn’t say Hello to you, and I apologize.. I was to excited about vinegar.

but I think we should begin with Apple Cider Vinegar and all it’s benefits.

When it comes to brands, the only one I trust is Bragg. It’s organic and inexpensive, compared to all the wonderful things you can do with it, it’s a really smart investment. I’m sure you’ve heard some of the benefits before, but I will include a master list below.

 Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar 

  1. Helping your bodies’ pH reach higher on alkalinity
  2. Great for cleaning glass (mix with equal parts water)
  3. Great for disinfecting (don’t add the water)
  4. Lower blood sugar (1 tbsp in a 8oz of water)
  5. Lower cholesterol
  6. Relieve menstrual cramps (ingest 1 tbsp)
  7. Boosts metabolisms
  8. *great addition for you after workout shakes* (1tbsp)
  9. Great facial toner
  10. Great for Aztec Clay facial masks
  11. Great on salad!
  12. Also, for cooking
  13. Can help post workout cramps
  14. Gives you a boost of energy
  15. Prevents indigestion (drink 1tbsp with 8oz water)
  16. Cure the hiccups
  17. Great substitute for shampoo (add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for better scent)
  18. *also, fights dandruff
  19. fights bad breath
  20. Clean your fruits and vegetables
  21. Keeps you full longer than simple carbs do
  22. Unstinks, stinky feet
  23. 3 CALORIES per TBSP

More information here

       Heinz White Vinegar

  1. 1 toxic free bathroom cleaner Recipe Here
  2. Use as an alternative to bleach while doing laundry
  3. Remove ink stains
  4. A great multi-surface cleaner when mixed with equal parts water
  5. Unclog drains (with equal parts baking soda)
  6. Shine your silver
  7. Sanitize glass
  8. Remove stickers
  9. Great oral rinse
  10. Whitens teeth

Well guys, it seems as if there’s no limit to what you could do with vinegar. this is honestly a great way to save money and keep yourself, your loved ones and your home from harsh chemicals that can make you sick. I love sharing these tips with you.


always ML


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