a christmas wish

Hello all,

While watching TV, I came across a TV segment where the film crew had gone out on the streets to ask people what they wished for most on Christmas, the ultimate gift of a lifetime. But, the crew didn’t limit this to a gender or lifestyle, everyone from children, to people walking to work, to homeless people, were asked this question. It was a beautiful montage of all types of people from all kinds of lifestyles. Their wishes really put these holidays into perspective. Most people wished for: cars, new kitchens, world vacations, jewelry etc..

When the same question was asked to homeless people, they all wished to see their families again, an opportunity to start over, their own home, a place to feel safe again.. and it really put into perspective how lucky most of us are, the holiday season is a time to think and reflect about others.

There’s about 7 billion people in the world, and that means the same day was experienced 7 billion different ways, sometimes we don’t stop and think about what everyone around us going through.

I’m a big believer in gratitude and being thankful, I know that we should be thankful everyday, but I think today, and these holidays are the most important days to be thankful. I feel these days should be knows for days where we exude

Gratitude to the 3rd power.

Well, that segment on TV  really moved me. I just felt like sharing my thoughts with you guys. Happy holidays, whether you find yourself alone, with you family or whether you don’t celebrate the holidays at all, You’ll all be in my thoughts and I send nothing but positive energies your ways.

happy holidays, ML


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