Hey guys,

I know I’ve been neglecting this site, but a lot has been going on lately. I’m incredibly excited about what I’m about to share with you guys today.

For many years I’ve seen ads for ancestry DNA tests sent to your home. You mail in your DNA sample and 6 weeks later, you get your results.

you’re DNA results will tell you 

  1. your ancestry & family history
  2. whether or not you are a carrier for any kind of inherited conditions
  3. genetic information about your current health and potential health problems
  4. physical traits that make you unique

& for so many years I’ve been wanting to take this test, the only downside of it for me was that it was expensive; Prices vary from $100-200, depending on the company.

I used ancestry The price is 100$ and I was told I can get the other results by downloading my raw DNA information and sending it to Prometheuse for 5$ they send you all the information listed above, which is the same service 23&me provides for 199$

Hurray! (I get so excited)

Anyway, so I ordered my test during the holiday season. I was able to get a Black Friday Discount on it. The test arrived, and I sent back the sample towards the end of December. I got the results two weeks ago, both ancestry & family history as well as genetic information, physical traits and information about potential inherited diseases.

I think it’s very important to know what to expect for the future, as well as potential health threats that can be treated with the right diet and exercise. Overall, it was also great knowing about my ancestry and origins. It painted a lovely portrait of history that made a lot of sense and it was a great experience that I highly recommend.

This is the result of my ancestry.              

also, once you’re results are in, The website helps you find other ancestors and family members at your request. I’ve fond 38 distant cousins and relatives, its fascinating =)

 If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask = )

        always, M.L.


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